A family-owned company that works with small-scale farmers to promote social change through projects that do not lose sight of human’s relationship with nature. 

PACHA means

PACHA is a Kichwa word most commonly thought to mean Earth or world. However, according to ancient Inca and Kichwa tradition, it means much more than that. The relationship between time and space and all that stands within it. Nature, the universe, and our existence in time and space. All are connected and ever-flowing.

Values that move us

Respect: The culture our products represent is a unique treasure for us. For this reason, we always ensure the rich historical heritage in our processes.

Real Impact: We work directly with more than 100 small-scale farmers. Working without intermediaries generates trust and transparency, giving them fair prices for their products. We can purchase from them regularly, providing them with a more reliable income from their products. Our goal is to make a real difference. Quality over quantity

Sustainability: It is fundamental for us to generate a positive impact in the world. Our responsibility is to promote sustainable practices allowing an integral development between humans and nature.


We are a social project





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