Guayusa Loose Leaf 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Loose Leaf 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Loose Leaf 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Loose Leaf 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Loose Leaf 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Loose Leaf 2 Pounds (32oz)

Guayusa Loose Leaf 2 Pounds (32oz)

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Introducing our medium-sized leaf Guayusa Loose Leaf - Nature's Gift Unleashed!

🍃 Embrace the Medium Leaf: Dive into the heart of the Amazon with our Medium Leaf Guayusa Loose Leaf Tea. These carefully selected leaves offer a perfect balance of flavor and energy, making each cup an exquisite journey.

Product Highlights:

  • Sustainable Energy Elixir: Elevate mornings with Amazon's vitality.
  • Premium Guayusa Leaves: Handpicked for exquisite quality.
  • Prestige in Every Sip: Symbol of distinction among connoisseurs.
  • Ancient Brew Method: 8oz - water. 5-minute infusion for invigorating aroma.
  • Versatile Use-Cases: Energize, focus, relax – anytime you need.
  • Eco-Friendly Commitment: Low environmental impact, responsible sourcing.


Style: Loose Leaf

Type: Dehydrated leaf

Leaf Cut Size: Medium

Leaf Color: Brown and Green

Net Weight: 32oz


About 66 mg of Caffeine per serving


AROMA: Medium Earthy

COLOR: Medium dark brown with yellow tones

FLAVOR: Medium earthy flavor with a medium-pleasant bitterness + Light floral + lightly sweet 

Brew Method: Brewing EcoHarmony Guayusa Elixir is an art form that lets you unlock the essence of this ancient Amazonian leaf. Begin your journey by infusing a heaping spoonful of our premium guayusa leaves in freshly boiled water for 5 minutes. This time-honored method coaxes out the invigorating properties and creates a rich, amber elixir with a soothing aroma.

🌱 Rainforest Reverence: Sourced responsibly from the Amazon rainforest, our Guayusa celebrates the traditions of indigenous communities while preserving the natural beauty of this vital ecosystem.

☕ The Ultimate Infusion: Craft your own revitalizing elixir with our Medium Leaf Guayusa. Infuse your cup with sustained energy and a smooth, earthy taste that embodies the essence of the rainforest.

🌄 Amazonian Wisdom: Let each sip transport you to the depths of the Amazon, where centuries of indigenous wisdom and the vitality of the rainforest converge.

🌟 Quality Unleashed: Our Medium Leaf Guayusa Loose Leaf is a testament to nature's gifts. Experience a balanced and rich flavor profile that captures the essence of medium-sized leaves.

Unlock the gift of the Amazon with our Medium Leaf Guayusa Loose Leaf. It's not just tea; it's a connection to nature, a sip of vitality, and a taste of the Amazon's finest, all in a medium-sized leaf. Experience nature's wonders today.



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