Guayusa Extra Fine 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Extra Fine 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Extra Fine 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Extra Fine 2 Pounds (32oz)

Guayusa Extra Fine 2 Pounds (32oz)

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✓ 100% NATURAL GUAYUSA | Our gourmet guayusa Extra Fine (fine cut tea size) is unique in that it is sifted so that it does not contain dust. It is quick to brew and yields a strong brew. Full-bodied flavor.

✓ ALTERNATIVE TO YERBA MATE - COFFEE | Guayusa provides you with a rejuvenating burst of energy, different from coffee or other caffeinated teas.

✓ NO JITTERS NO CRASH | NO Tannins - Astringent FREE. Each leaf contains caffeine, Double antioxidants of green tea, and amino acids, which contribute to its nutritional value.

✓ SOCIAL IMPACT | Pacha works with local Amazonian indigenous families to promote social change through sustainable development projects.

✓ ORGANIC: Yes, but not certified yet.

✓ FRESH: Yes, We produce in small batches to keep the leaf fresh.

✓ SMOKED: Not, Our guayusa leaves are not smoked.

✓ HARVEST: Our leaves are harvested by hand.

✓ PRODUCTION: We produce in a traditional way allowing our clients to consume an ancient product with its original taste, smell, and color.

✓ GUAYUSA TASTING : *TASTE: Strong smooth, sweet and earthy | *AROMA: Strong Earthy | *COLOR: Strong Dark Brown with yellow tones.

Steeping Method:

1.- Heat water until it reaches 205°F / 96 °C then add 4 grams of guayusa (about 1 spoonful) per 5.5 oz / 162ml of water. Let steep for 5 minutes.

2.- Make an Espresso Guayusa with an Espresso Stovetop maker.

3.- Cold Brew: Steep directly in cold water - no heat required. Stir and Strain leaves after 2+ hours.