Guayusa Extra Fine 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Extra Fine 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Extra Fine 2 Pounds (32oz)
Guayusa Extra Fine 2 Pounds (32oz)

Guayusa Extra Fine 2 Pounds (32oz)

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GUAYUSA tea contains enough caffeine to give natural energy to the body and soul throughout the day


Style: Extra fine

Type: Dehydrated leaf

Leaf Cut Size: Small

Leaf Color: Brown and Green

Net Weight: 32oz


About 115 mg of Caffeine per serving


  • AROMA: Strong Earthy
  • COLOR: Strong-dark brown with yellow tones
  • FLAVOR: Strong earthy flavor with an intense-pleasant bitterness + Light floral + lightly sweet


HOT TEA: Pour 8oz of boiling water over 2 full Tsp of guayusa and steep for 5-10 minutes. For a stronger brew steep longer or add more guayusa. Use a filter, french press, teapot, or strainer to brew guayusa.

ICE TEA: Bring infusion to room temperature, add ice or refrigerate until the desired temperature.

COLD BREW: Steep directly in cold water - no heat required. Stir and Strain leaves after 2+ hours.

ESPRESSO: Make an Espresso Guayusa with an Espresso Stovetop maker.

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FROM: Ecuador
NATURAL: Yes, 100% natural
FRESH: Yes, We produce in small batches to keep the leaf fresh
SMOKED: Not, Our guayusa leaves are not smoked
HARVEST: Our leaves are harvested by hand
PRODUCTION: We produce in a traditional way allowing our customers to enjoy an ancient product with its original taste, smell and color


Guayusa is a sacred leaf that has been brewed in the Amazon for centuries.


AMAZON REGION: Indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Amazon use guayusa leaves to make an energizing beverage to drink in the morning |

THE TSÁCHILA COMMUNITY: Indigenous group native to the coastal region of Ecuador traditionally use guayusa leaves for healing and spiritual activities |