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PACHA Guayusa Bio Pyramid Tea Bags (80 Tea Bags)

PACHA Guayusa Bio Pyramid Tea Bags (80 Tea Bags)

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About the product
  • Our gourmet Tea Bags are filled with guayusa loose leaf. It does not contain dust. It has more flavor, smell and color. it ideal for a clean, nutrient-packed brew.
  • SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING: We pack in a biodegradable mesh pyramid and we use tea bags without tags and overwrap, keeping tons of material out of landfills every year.
  • 100% Natural Guayusa. NO TANNINS - Astringent FREE. It tastes smooth and naturally sweet. 
  • PACHA products are made with 100% natural guayusa - a sacred leaf that has been brewed in the Amazon for centuries.
  • Each leaf contains caffeine, Double antioxidants of green tea and amino acids, which contributes to its nutritional value.
  • Guayusa provides you with a rejuvenating burst of energy, different from coffee or other caffeinated teas. The people of the Ecuadorean Rainforest describe it as “ancient energy”.
  • Pacha works with indigenous farmers and small farmers to promote social change through sustainable development projects. 


Tea Tasting Guayusa

Taste: smooth, sweet and earthy

Aroma: Sweet, earthy

Color:  Dark brown with yellow tones

Ingredients: Hand-selected 100% natural guayusa


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